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The people behind the cruelty

Those who make a profit by abusing or exploiting animals will be exposed for who they really are.

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Brett, Simon & Justin Langfield (Langfield Pastoral Company (LPC))

Brett, Simon & Justin Langfield

Brett, Simon & Justin Langfield, of Langfield Pastoral Company (LPC) own at least two egg farms, including the Kingsland Caged Egg Facility and a neighbouring free range facility at Bendick Murrell near Young NSW.

They were forced to temporarily close both facilities after an outbreak of avian influenza (bird flu) in October 2013. This involved killing all the birds who had not already been claimed by the virus, of a total 400,000 hens across the two egg farms. At the time of writing this description, it is unknown whether or when the farms will reopen.

Egg farms owned by Brett, Simon & Justin Langfield

Kingsland Caged Egg Facility
Kingsland Caged Egg Facility
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