Covert investigations by Aussie Farms, Animal Liberation ACT and Animal Liberation NSW

The people behind the cruelty

Those who make a profit by abusing or exploiting animals will be exposed for who they really are.

Specialised Breeders Australia (SBA) (Hyline Australia)

The largest supplier of day-old chicks for the egg industry in Australia, accounting for roughly 70% of the layer hens found in commercial egg farms.

Frank Pace (PACE Eggs)

PACE Eggs are one of the largest egg farming companies in Australia. Starting in 1978 with just one property managing 22,000 hens, they now confine over 2,000,000 hens at any one time across a number of facilities, including Henholme Battery Hen Farm near Newcastle NSW.

Brett, Simon & Justin Langfield (Langfield Pastoral Company (LPC))

Brett, Simon & Justin Langfield, of Langfield Pastoral Company (LPC) own at least two egg farms, including the Kingsland Caged Egg Facility and a neighbouring free range facility at Bendick Murrell near Young NSW.

Steve Bonello

Steve Bonello owns at least one egg farm, Steve's Fresh Farm Eggs, in Rossmore (western Sydney) NSW. Here, he keeps thousands of hens confined to tiny wire cages until their egg production starts to slow after around 18 months, at which point he sends them to slaughter.

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